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Great signage is an essential branding element for all businesses that want to maximise their marketing outreach. Signs are a great way to gain brand visibility and get your target audience’s attention. Outdoor signs are crucial if your customers drive or walk past your business. However, we specialise in all types of signage, so no matter your requirements, we have you covered. At DB IT, we are experts at creating and transforming businesses across New Zealand to ensure their target audience notices them, whether that be your logo, business cards, website, or signage. We are a one-stop shop for all your branding.

Our team will assist in any way possible to help you have the most attractive sign in your town. Call to set up a meeting with one of our graphic designers; you can rely on DB IT to deliver a timely, high-quality sign at a budget-friendly price. Signage is a large part of your brand expression. Let DB IT help you express yourself.

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Get Noticed with Impactful Signage Design

Any smart business owner knows it takes more than a great product or service to create a successful company. What is the use of having a great product if no one knows about it? Focusing on your branding is a fundamental way to drive business growth.

One of the secrets of every successful brand is gaining as much visibility as possible. What better way to get noticed than great signage? Sign design is essential for many reasons—firstly, it sets the tone for your business, creates a brand association, and attracts attention.

High quality signage display is a crucial element of marketing to make your brand more visible to your audience. Get in touch with us today for a free quote; we go the extra mile to transform your business with custom-designed signs. Whether that be for your building, storefront, event, or vehicle, we are signage industry experts.

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Visually Connect with Your Customers for a Lasting Impression

At DB IT, we can handle all your signage needs. Whether that be vehicle signage, building signage, or temporary signage. You want to make sure you display your company services to potential customers. Our design experts work with you to bring your vision to life through visual communication. We work with businesses like yours every day and like to think of ourselves as your growth partners. We listen to your goals and help you achieve them with beautiful signs. Our team of experts will help your business grow with the right custom sign solution. We know the importance of each project and take pleasure in developing customised and cost-effective designs for you every time. We use the latest design techniques to ensure we offer a complete end-to-end custom signage solution for your business that will get you noticed. Browse our portfolio to see how DB IT has helped companies like yours make a statement and stand out to potential customers through custom signs and graphics. Get in touch for a free quote today and make a statement in New Zealand with a well designed sign for your company.
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No matter the sign, we have the solution

Indoor Signage

Setting a good impression is crucial for every business. Whether it is your customers or employees, how you present your business to them is vital in building relationships. Indoor signage plays a crucial role in creating that first impression. We create great signage that your business will be proud of.

Outdoor Signage

Exterior signage is something that most businesses should have. If you have a property that is on a street where people walk or drive down, you are missing the opportunity to gain customers every day.

Industrial/Safety Signage

Industrial safety signs are standard in many industries. They take various forms, but all industrial safety signs are designed to promote safety by informing your workers, operators, and visitors of potential dangers within your business. This can include certain equipment, machinery or hazardous substances.

Digital Signage

Digital signage brings new life to your commercial environment. The impact of static signs is becoming less significant. Digital signage, on the other hand, is designed to catch the attention of your customers and deliver messages that are custom designed to improve their experience.

Commercial Signage

Commercial Signage reinforces your business's identity. Signage is known to affect people's psychology and encourage them to choose your products and services over your competitors.

Teardrop Flags

Flags are typical promotional advertising, from sales campaigns to workplace sports days. Teardrop flags are a great way to add your contact details to a sign and are available in various sizes, allowing for a 'big sign' presence with the convenience of a portable sign.

Pull-up Banners

Time is money at a trade fair, conference, or in-store event. With a personalised pull-up banner, you can take advantage of both with minimal effort. We design pull-up banners that come with everything you need - an aluminium base, flag, and carrying bag. They are available in various styles that allow you to customise your banner to your event, preferences, and budget.

Vehicle Signage

Your vehicle can be one of the best ways to promote your business. With the correct vehicle signage, you can turn your car, ute or truck from a mode of transport into a low-cost marketing machine that reaches thousands of people every day.

Exhibition Signage

For a successful event or exhibition booth, powerful branding and bright, colourful signs might be the key to a solid return on investment. Your area should appeal to your target market with the correct signage and be sure to grab the attention of new business prospects.

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How We Design Signage

We gather your requirements

The signage design process begins with our team gathering your requirements. Our team analyses your business, understands your requirements and recommends an overall custom sign design solution. We ask you about your communication goals, branding considerations, and target audience.

We design your initial concepts

The design process combines your input with our team to develop several concepts. If you are a start-up or seeking to refresh a tired image, we can also help you with logo creation.

We show you how your sign will look once printed

Our team provides mock-ups to help you visualise not only the new sign but how it will look once mounted. Through this process, you can see how different signage concepts will look at the roadside, on a storefront, or elsewhere before you finalise your choice.

We deliver on all our promises

Once you have finalised the design, we will ensure you are thrilled with the final result. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and go above and beyond your expectations on each project to ensure you are satisfied.