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Your Logo Design is the face of your business

Your logo design unites everything in your company. Use your logo to show consumers what you are about. The design you choose will set the tone for your brand. Do you want your business to be professional or playful, masculine or feminine? There are endless options to choose from to help consumers instantly understand what your business is about. Your logo design will ensure you distinguish your brand from your competitors. We are expert logo designers and can provide you get the message across to your customers and brands to get your brand noticed.
Logo Design NZ

We have experienced logo designers to deliver exceptional, creative and strategic logo design services in New Zealand that allows businesses to expand and transform. We will make sure your brand will draw clients to interact. We love creating and transforming brands like yours and driving exponential growth for our clients. Our unique logo design process has been refined over the years to guarantee a finished logo that you will love. Call us today!

Logo Design NZ

Transform your company with our logo design experts

Your logo design is often the first and most critical interaction consumers will have with your business. As a result, in a single glance, it must successfully represent the brand’s core values. We are professional logo designers to excel in creating attractive designs that set the mood for your business and help you stand out in a competitive marketplace.

SalutisCare Logo Design

At DB IT, we have experienced logo designers that know how your logo can enhance your brand by using intricate detail or simplicity to improve your business’s vision and ethos. Our design process has been used dozens of times to convey the brand’s message across New Zealand successfully. We are a one-stop branding shop and consider everything from the colour scheme, font and general tone of the logo to ensure it connects with your target audience simply and effectively. Usually, with logos, the most successful ones can convey the message you have for your company in the simplest way possible. Think of a few brands. I’m sure the ones that come to mind first are the ones that are simple yet effective.

SalutisCare Logo Design

Logo designers with your business goals in mind

Combining your company’s goals is an essential step in creating successful branding. A good logo design sets up the rest of your branding. This is why we take the time to research your industry and effectively brainstorm to make sure we come up with a solution that will ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

Grazin Bytes Logo Design NZ

We have a team of experienced and driven designs that know how to get your company noticed. We make sure you receive a logo that you love, which is why we have brand packages that have unlimited revisions. If you think something could be improved on, we are all ears. We bring New Zealand businesses to life with our proven logo design process. We service the whole country, so you can leverage our knowledge and grow your business no matter where in New Zealand you live. Call us today!

Grazin Bytes Logo Design NZ

Are you looking for a logo designer for your business?

You want to ensure the information your logo portrays about your business is correct. At DB IT, we are great listeners and create unique brand design solutions suited to your specific needs. Whether you want to discuss your logo design over the phone, via email or video call, or you would prefer to fill in one of our logo design questionnaires, we have options to suit all businesses anywhere in New Zealand. Our team of expert designers love creating brands that shine. Convey the right message to your target audience with a professionally designed logo for your business.

Logo Design

You want your logo to connect with your consumers emotionally and empower your business to deliver on its promises. There are many logo designers throughout the country, but you want a designer who is easy to deal with and that you trust with your branding. Creating a business takes a considerable amount of effort. We ensure that all that effort is multiplied with a brand that matches. Our logo designers have worked across multiple industries, so we have the skills necessary to create a unique brand personality for your company.

Logo Design

Brand identity the key to your branding success

Creating relationships in business is key to success. We will be with you every step of the way on your brand identity journey. We thrive on building lasting brands. We can help you with everything from your brand identity, logo, business cards, and website to create unity across everything digitally and in print. We take the time to understand your business goals and ensure we positively impact your business journey.

Swift Logo

Do you want to build a robust brand identity for your business? DB IT has you covered. We have a highly skilled team who specialises in developing engaging and successful branding strategies that distinguish your company from the competition. We recognise the value of a good brand and its effect on your business. That’s why we take the time to properly understand your company and target audience before developing a unique brand identity that speaks to them.

Swift Logo

Logo design for start-up businesses in New Zealand

Starting a business can be difficult. Make sure you partner with the right companies to elevate your brand and get you noticed in an ever-changing and competitive business landscape.
Professional logos are a core part of any marketing strategy and help customers understand the meaning behind your brand. We work closely with you on every logo we design to ensure we fully grasp your vision and create a logo that expresses the personality behind your business.

Camard Group Logo Design

Logos are an important way to help your customers separate your business from the competition. We pay close attention to detail on every logo we design and aim to deliver a range of styles that meet all of our client’s needs and budgets.

Camard Group Logo Design

Give your existing company's logo design a fresh look

We also focus on the rebranding of New Zealand businesses. Have you had a logo for many years and would like to update your company image with the ever-changing business environment? Get in touch with us today.
Holistic Logo Design
Our logo design services may help you renew your brand while staying faithful to your old mark or creating an entirely new concept. We’ll make sure we understand the motivation for updating your logo, provide our thoughts, and collaborate with you to develop something that expresses your new company vision and goals.
Holistic Logo Design

Recent Logo Designs

Logo Design Anywhere in NZ

Whangarei Logo Design

Our mission is to provide exceptional, creative, and strategic logo design services in Whangarei that help businesses like yours grow and evolve.

Auckland Logo Design

We create eye-catching logo designs that help Auckland businesses set the tone for their brand and are sure to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Hamilton Logo Design

If you are in Hamilton, we can show you how to leverage an excellent logo design strategy to improve your brand's visibility and connect with your customers.

Tauranga Logo Design

We take the time to research the Tauranga market and brainstorm ideas to guarantee our logo design process will produce a finished logo that will set your company apart from the competition.

Rotorua Logo Design

With a professionally created logo for your business, you can send the right message about your brand personality to your target audience and grow your business within and beyond Rotorua.

Hawkes Bay Logo Design

We ensure that Hawkes Bay businesses like yours connect with their customers and enable their brand to deliver its unique characteristics for business success.

New Plymouth Logo Design

We take the time to understand your business goals to ensure we design a logo that perfectly expresses your brand. Businesses in New Plymouth have been leveraging our graphic design skills to achieve this.

Palmerston North Logo Design

The purpose of your logo is to represent the brand identity of your company. We've established a method that has worked for companies like yours in Palmerston North.

Wellington Logo Design

Logos are essential for all businesses because they grab your audience's attention and tell a story about your business. We have mastered the art of logo design for companies in Wellington.

Nelson Logo Design

You want to influence your customer's emotions with a memorable logo that separates you from the competition. Get a logo design that creates a strong foundation for the rest of your branding.

Christchurch Logo Design

Make sure you are easily recognisable with branding that communicates your business to the world. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression. Make sure it's a good one.

Dunedin Logo Design

It takes careful planning, experience and innovation to design logos that encapsulate everything about your business. We have been helping companies in Dunedin achieve this for years.

Logo Styles We Can Create

Each form of logo provides your company a distinctive sense, despite the fact that they are all made up of both typographic and visual elements. Additionally, you want to make sure your logo is perfect because it will be the first thing that potential buyers see. Want to select the ideal style of logo for your company?

Abstract logo marks

Another type of logo is the pictorial logo which is an abstract mark. It reflects your company but isn’t a familiar image like an apple. Rather it’s an abstract geometric shape. A well-known example is the BP starburst logo. Abstract marks, like all logo symbols, are very effective at encapsulating your brand in a single visual. 

BP Logo

Monogram logos (or lettermarks)

Letter-based logos, such as monograms or lettermarks, typically feature the initials of the brand. Here is an example of HBO’s logo. They are the abbreviations for well-known companies with rather long names. They typically have two or three words to memorise, they often use their initials to identify their brands.

HBO Logo

Wordmarks (or logotypes)

A wordmark or logotype is a font-based logo that emphasises a company’s name only, much like a lettermark does. When a company has a short and memorable name, wordmark logos perform exceptionally well. A nice example of this is the Google logo. When paired with powerful typography and the distinctive and memorable name, the logo contributes to a strong sense of brand identification.

Pictorial marks (or logo symbols)

An icon, often known as a graphic-based logo, is a pictorial mark, sometimes known as a brand mark or logo sign. The iconic Apple logo, is perhaps the first thing that come to mind when you think “logo.&