We specialise in creating and transforming determined brands and businesses with an emphasis on technology and design.


Our Work


Website Design

We are expert web designers and developers. We have all had the experience of going on a website that doesn’t work properly, is slow, or doesn’t look good. Make sure your company doesn’t give off that impression. Get a professionally designed website to ensure you stand out from your competitors and encourage your customers to engage.


Logo Design

We want to make your company stand out and get noticed. At DB IT, you are not simply buying a logo – you are investing in a creative process. We have a proven process for professional logo design in New Zealand. DB IT is driven by a talented team of designers who have experience in a variety of styles and have worked across multiple industries that are sure to make your business look professional, and get customers to engage.


Business Cards

Business cards are an excellent and cost-effective way to market your business. We provide high-quality, unique business cards to ensure your company gets noticed. Our designers have been creating unique business card designs for years and know what it takes to be seen in a competitive business environment. We will ensure your business gets noticed and everyone remembers your company with a stand-out design and paper combo. You will be ready to get out there and engage with your customers in no time.


Signage Design

Signage is an essential branding component for any company looking to expand its marketing reach. We will make sure you get noticed with a sign that captures the attention of your target market. Whether that’s a sign for your building, vehicles, or wherever you want to display your brand, we know what it takes to get your business noticed. Stop using dull and outdated sign designs, and let us make your business shine.


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